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A Pro Buoy?

Posted by editor on April 30, 2017


Crappie Anglers! We believe founders Andrew De Kock and David Durand of OptiCast has something you want to see. Mark that brush pile or that stake bed in a hurry.

Using a marker buoy effectively will help you optimize every cast and put more fish in the boat! 

Whether fishing for fun, or fishing competitively, everyone wants to catch more and bigger fish. When you are fishing anywhere that you don't have a visual reference nearby it can be easy to confuse where you are with respect to the structure beneath the water; and ultimately, where you are with respect to the fish. You may fish along a weed edge, a deep ledge, or a rock pile for hours until you come across that one little spot where the fish are schooled up.

Introducing the Hands-Free ProBuoy and ProBuoy Mount System: 

The ProBuoy and ProBuoy Mount are the missing pieces to your fishing arsenal. The old school buoy is now reborn to bring you a complete Buoy Management system that guarantees your buoy is going to be there and ready when you need it most. 


The ProBuoy is not just another Buoy! It contains several features to solve the common problems we have encountered with marker buoys: 

• No Leaks! - The ProBuoy is foam filled so your buoy never sinks. 

 • No Line Wedge! - The ProBuoy uses high strength braided fishing line designed to prevent line wedge in your reels, and it works even better on a Buoy. 

 • Consistent Deployment! – The ProBuoy weight is designed to drop out smoothly. When used with our ProBuoy Mount the weight will never end up landing on top of the Buoy and floating away. 

 • Easy Grip! - The ProBuoy has features built right into it to make it easy to grip and handle while you are wrapping the line. 

 • Integrated Breakaway Swivel – The Integrated Breakaway swivel helps eliminate line twist and provides a natural weak point in the system so that if your weight gets snagged in debris you can break it away without losing all of your ProBuoy line. 

 • No Lead! – The ProBuoy weight is made of plated steel so losing a weight will not add toxic lead in the lake and the issue of the old lead weight floating away with the buoy is eliminated! 


The ProBuoy Mount 

The ProBuoy Mount, M-1, is a magnetic mounting base designed for use with the ProBuoy. 

Simply install it on your boat, load up a ProBuoy and you are ready to fish. The magnets hold 9lb each to retain the Buoy while driving the boat around; when you catch that first fish simply kick the ProBuoy in the water to mark the spot with pinpoint precision. When you are ready to leave, a quick glance at the device will let you know if your ProBuoy is still in the water so you never leave a Buoy behind. 

The ProBuoy M-1 can be attached with double sided tape, bolted directly to the boat, or for maximum adjustability mounted to the M-1 RAM base.


For Info Visit: Fish OptiCast