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The Leading Crappie News Sources keeps you plugged in. Crappie Nation is a national website that exists to give professional crappie anglers a platform and to showcases professional angling including companies that support it and the professional tournaments where these companies showcase their products. 

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Put A Jig In It Part 2
Whenever crappies are on, or in cover, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize the vertical jig…read more
Put A Jig In It
It’s dawn and I'm in a race with the sun to make it to that serene spot on my favorite lake. With …read more


4 In A Row!
Winning a tournament is a great Victory in it's self but when you when 4 in a row you are making h…read more


Mr. Crappie New Rods for 2018
                Wally Marshall also known as Mr. Crappie has several new rod and reel additions com…read more
Zebco's New Crappie Fighter Series
Zebco’s new Crappie Fighter Series aims to Generate More Bites with High-Vis Line and Rod Tips  read more


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