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The Leading Crappie News Sources keeps you plugged in. Crappie Nation is a national website that exists to give professional crappie anglers a platform and to showcases professional angling including companies that support it and the professional tournaments where these companies showcase their products. 

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Put A Jig In It Part 2
Whenever crappies are on, or in cover, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize the vertical jig…read more
Put A Jig In It
It’s dawn and I'm in a race with the sun to make it to that serene spot on my favorite lake. With …read more


4 In A Row!
Winning a tournament is a great Victory in it's self but when you when 4 in a row you are making h…read more


Mr. Crappie New Rods for 2018
                Wally Marshall also known as Mr. Crappie has several new rod and reel additions com…read more


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