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HydroWave Not Just For Bass Anglers?

Posted by admin on January 10, 2015

The question is have you heard of the Hydrowave? Well, if you followed professional Bass fishing you would've known that Kevin VanDam has credited the HydroWave for helping him win the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, that Jeff Kriet is on their pro staff and a lot of Bassmaster Elite and FLW Bass professionals believe in it. Now, I know what your thinking, what does this have to do with me as a crappie angler? The answer is NOTHING. Just like other products that come onto the market, just because they have a Pro Bass angler associated with it our question has always been, how will that help us crappie anglers.

In this article you will find out that the HydroWave is not just for Bass anglers as it seems but there are crappie professionals that have used this product with success. You’re going to hear from one named Dan Dannenmueller professional crappie angler. But before we get to what Dannenmueller has to say lets find out more about HydroWave.

HydroWave™ was founded in 2010 by a group of professional anglers, scientists and engineers dedicated to product design in the fish attracting industry. The HydroWave is a collaborative effort of all the founders. Research in the field of sound technology and aquatic biology remain our primary focus along with product design and quality controls. Our biologists are steadfastly dedicated to improving the science of fish stimulation for angling purposes.

HydroWave was the brainchild of successful Dallas businessman and competitive bass angler Gene Eisenmann. He introduced the concept to Robert Palmer, an engineer with extensive background in electronic product and development, and owner of RHP Industries located in Aubrey, Texas. Together they designed and built the HydroWave. 

Dan Dannenmueller Bobby Garland Pro has several accomplishments. Two of his most recognizable accomplishments are wining the Angler Team of the Year Points Championship back to back in 2011 and 2012 with Crappie Masters Team Tournament Trail. Dannenmeuller was looking for ways to give him an edge on the tournament trail when he stumbled across a HydroWave unit. The HydroWave is an electronic device that mimics the sounds of feeding fish to ignite the competitive feeding instinct. He says, “Whatever turns on the shad will surely turn on the bass, but will also turn on the crappie. Crappie either feed up or out making the spider rig and HydroWave an awesome combination.”

Dannenmeuller has seen the unit due wonders. “It’s not the big things, but the little things that win tournaments. The HydroWave helps me get bites in the middle of the day when things are generally slow and a lot of times these prove to be my bigger bites.”

An example of this was while he was fishing on the Alabama River. He and his tournament partner had located a couple key areas that were holding nice sized crappie. After first making several successful passes through these areas, the crappie started to get conditioned to their presentation and started to shut down. On the last few passes the team couldn’t get a bite. Dannenmeuller, knowing they had to get something going turned to his HydroWave. Within minutes there were hundreds of thousands of shad with many flicking the surface. The shad were being schooled by both bass and crappie. It was then, during the dead of the day, that he and his partner boated two of their best crappies.

Dannenmueller concludes, “The HydroWave is not a miracle worker, but when used properly, it can be a difference-maker.

Visit: www.hydrowave.com