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Check Your Checkers by Jarad Roper

Posted by admin on January 10, 2015

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As the anticipated crappie season is around the corner, crappie anglers are storing up on new tackle and accessories. Trying to get an edge on their buddies or on the tournament trail. During this season of preparation, there is one thing you need to check and that is your crappie checkers.

A lot of companies have come out with devices to measure the length of a crappie. They are different sizes, shapes, colors and prices. Last year it was brought to my attention that not all measuring devices are accurate. Most game wardens use what we call the “Golden Rule” to measure fish not just crappie. The” Golden Rule” may very in length but when measured with other measuring devices it proves to be accurate.

A friend of mine told me that he was talking to a Game Warden one day and the Warden told him that he has seen a lot of people using these devices to measure crappie and because it says it’s over the length limit they think it’s correct. But, when he checks the fish it comes up being short and some people have received fines.

No one likes to get a fine and most of us try to obey the rules and regulations on the lake. Game Wardens are our friends not our enemies. They help protect the great sport of fishing from takers and abusers.

All I have to say is check your checkers. Not all crappie are shaped the same and not all checkers are off. Just check to make sure the one you have is accurate.

Crappie Rule! – Jarad Roper