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Omeals - Self-Heated Fully Cooked Meals On A Go

Posted by editor on July 12, 2017


Have you ever heard of a fully cooked homestyle meal that you can eat on the water or in the woods and all you have to do is add water to heat it up and it's not in a can or military food? Well, say hello to Omeals.

Omeals is a self-heated fully cooked homestyle meal developed by athletes and outdoorsmen, to be enjoyed and eaten with little to no work needed. Many times when people are introduced to this product their minds go to MRE also known as The Meal, Ready-To-Eat which is what our U.S. Armed Forces eat. Omeals are not the same as MREs and should not be compared to them. Below, Nani will help you understand what Omeals is and how it works.

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