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Put A Jig In It Part 2

Posted by editor on May 6, 2016


Whenever crappies are on, or in cover, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize the vertical jigging technique. Many times anglers will go right to the heart of the brush pile or stake bed and forget to work around it first. Work the out sides first, great way to do that is by flipping your jig past the cover and allow the jig to swim back to you. Then move in to the heart of the cover. For example, let's say the body of water you are fishing has willow trees or buck brush on its banks. In the spring it is very likely there will be rain showers. If the waters comes up and covers the base and trunks of the trees, once the water is stable, crappie will move into that thick cover. A lot of time those trees and brush will have greater oxygen around them and will provide a great place to fish in the late spring and summer. Another reason why crappie will move into the thick brush is due to insects and bugs, particularly black crappie. I have found out that the black crappie diet is similar to a bluegill diet. They both love insects and bugs. If you know there are black crappie around, up the ante and tip your jig with a wax worm.

Put A Jig In It

Posted by editor on April 29, 2016

Jarad Cypress.JPG

It’s dawn and I'm in a race with the sun to make it to that serene spot on my favorite lake. With the sound of chirping birds, quacking ducks and the occasional lament of a bull frog, I quietly drift around a bend to the little coveted cove, reaching my destination just a hair shy of the sun rising.

Winter State of the Union

Posted by editor on December 19, 2015


Thermals or Shorts?

That's how the weather has been in some states but we all know that is going to change. Winter is in view and that doesn’t mean it's time to clean out the boat and put up the rods for the year. Experts say winter is one of the best times to catch trophy size crappie. I had an opportunity to reach out to several crappie professional anglers and guides that live in OK, MO, PA, SC, MN, IN, AR and asked them how they are and will be fishing for crappie this winter. Here is what they had to say.

Flip and Flop of UV

Posted by editor on October 8, 2015


Have you ever heard someone say, It's not going to happen to me? Maybe you haven’t heard anyone say that but their actions said it. Many times we will hear, read or see something happen to other people and feel sad for a moment and then continue to live our lives like, What Ever.

Descaling The Louisiana Crappie Victory

Posted by editor on April 21, 2015

 Stone&Godwin Winning Fish.jpg

I must say, I was not shocked when I found out that Jay Stone and John Godwin won the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Tournament on Lakes D'Arbonne, Caney and Claiborne. I’ve had the privilege to talk with Godwin several times at the Montgomery Production Shows and from our conversations, I can tell he is eating up with crappie fishing. It’s amazing to be around these guys because even though they are nationally and internationally known, they are down to earth.