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About the Crappie Nation

CrappieNation.net is a website that is property of Roper Outdoors, LLC based in Forrest City, AR. Roper Outdoors, LLC includes CrappieNation.net, Crappie Station and Crappie Academy.

WHAT IS – CrappieNation.net is a national website that exists to give professional crappie anglers a platform and to showcases professional angling including companies that support it and the professional tournaments where these companies showcase their products.

GOAL - Provide information about products and techniques, updates on new offerings by both endemic and non-endemic advertisers to increase more enjoyment and awareness in our sport.

Advertising Philosophy

CrappieNation.net believes that it is necessary to have harmony between all parties that participate in fishing to help grow the sport of crappie fishing. It is our obligation and passion to help every advertiser grow their brand and highlight their anglers and products in an innovative and unique way.

Our goal is to create a relationship with your company so we can stay current with new products, industry news, events etc. We believe we can build the fishing community by including companies that have a reputable track recorded.

Our values are to be honest, show integrity in our reporting and give an independent and unbiased perspective on the pro's and their techniques. We also see the pro anglers as the forerunners in our sport and we will do everything we can to highlight them, their success and their accomplishments.

Founder/Owner: Jarad Roper

Co-Owner: Tommie Roper

Contact Us: crappiestation@gmail.com