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Denali Rods Getting Into Crappie Rods?

Posted by editor on February 16, 2016




The well known bass rod company has jumped into the crappie market full force. The new Pryme Series rods come in many lengths already. If you love to cast they have a 4' 6" all the way to a 7' 6" Spinning rod for you. How about my Dock Shooting fans out there, they have a rod for you also 5' - 7' Dock Rod. For those that light to fish with light line and light lures the Light Jigging rods in 10' and 11' is for you but those that light to get down and dirty for those slabs and get in the thick cover they have several Heavy Jigging rods in 10', 11' and 12' lengths. Lastly, Denali wasn't shy when it came down to really making rods that all crappie fishermen could use, especially those the LOVE to Spider Rig. The Pryme Series Trolling Rods come in 12', 14' and 16' yes 16' lengths. 

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